We help mothers find their way back to themselves so they can be bold custodians of their health, their families and the planet, and in doing so, rewrite the future.

The LionLife Academy is a comprehensive pathway and monthly membership for mothers who are based in the home. It is ideally placed to serve women who are craving monthly support in the form of workshops, group coaching, transformative interactive sessions, community and real-time events.

Why Lionlife? 

Because lions represent:

  • power, strength, natural beauty and sovereignty

  • masculine and feminine balance (lions and lionesses work together, both hunt, both care for their young and protect the pride)

  • on an esoteric level, enlightened souls reclaiming power for the greater good

  • innate and effortless boldness and strength

  • quintessential female power (lionesses hunt, plus care for cubs) 

  • the divine sisterhood of women supporting women (lionesses hunt together).


 It’s nice to meet you!

Hey, I’m Alena, a Sydney-based mother of three, founder, educator and martial artist.  Otherwise known as 'The Mum Connector' ♡

As a dedicated mama-educator and community builder, I’ve learned that holistic health and a sense of purpose don’t have to be so elusive to us as we emerge through motherhood. Join me for inspiring conversations on the Unboxable Podcast. Click below to listen now. 

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The LionLife Academy lights the way from stuck and distracted to what-works-for-you with targeted monthly content and a supportive community so you can feel lighter and freer.


"It's such a supportive group, wise mums learning from each other under the divine stewardship of our beautiful soul, Alena"

Mama, Life Just Got Simpler

Come on in: learn healthy family recipes, learn a few ethical lifestyle hacks or just find your people at the Soul Mama Hub, it is 100% free.

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We are Better Together

When women join together and support each other, we elevate one another exponentially. Community connection brings a special magic.

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Accessible Wisdom On Tap

The Unboxable, Unstoppable Podcast is made for mothers ready to level up and get clear on the possibilities available to them. 

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Feel the vitality and freshness of a wholly authentic life, with a proven coaching and community framework.

With this membership, you have the opportunity to experience the power of simply focusing on one next right action at a time - with our unbridled support.

It's the special sauce that allows us to help you go from running in circles, on an emotional rollercoaster, mentally overwhelmed and frustrated to LESS worried about perfection, LESS disconnection and more open-hearted interactions with those you love.


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